Take up the #lodz_young_fashion_challenge and create an original artistic commentary on fashion and its future!

Today we come to you with a real challenge! Since we know that an extremely committed and conscious audience has gathered around Łódź Young Fashion, we invite you all to a joint discussion on the future of fashion.

It is simple: create an artistic commentary in any technique, the theme of which will be the future of fashion. Poster, performance, clothing design or photographic reportage? – All techniques are allowed. Finally, present your work in the form of a short video with your own commentary and send us this material.

Now it is our turn! When we post your video, it will be watched by the international community following our social media and website. In this way we will create an international discussion about the future of fashion.

And most importantly! Don't forget to nominate other people to the challenge: artists, designers or simply those who deal with art or fashion on a daily basis.

PS. The action lasts until the end of September, but do not wait until the very last moment! You can present yourself today at and in our social media.

  • by taking part in the challenge, you join an international discussion on fashion – your artistic expression will be noticed by thousands of young designers. Remember, your voice really matters!
  • you can be noticed by fashion specialists, renowned designers, entrepreneurs or journalists
  • participation in the challenge may result in establishing dozens of contacts with members of the international Łódź Young Fashion community!

Take up #lodz_young_fashion_challenge!

  1. Create artistic expression in any technique, the theme of which will be the future of fashion
  2. Present your work in the form of a video up to 3 minutes long, with your own commentary in Polish or English.
  3. Send the video to us to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will present it at and in social media of the event.
  4. Nominate other people for whom the issue of the future of fashion is important – artists, designers or people who deal with art or fashion on a daily basis.
  5. When your post appears in our social media, share it on your Facebook profile by tagging @lodzyoungfashion.

Remember, if you want us to show your work:

  • use music only from legal sources or do not use it at all
  • take care of the copyright (we will ask you to sign a statement that the submitted work is of your authorship)
  • do not show images of people who have not given their consent to do so


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